Carcharias (Aprionodon) gibbesii, sp. nov.

Carcharias (Aprionodon) gibbesii, sp. nov.

Galeocerdo minor, R. W. Gibbes (non Agassiz), Journ. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philad. [2] vol. i. p. 192, pl. xxv. figs. 63-65.
(?) 1849. Oxyrhina minuta, R. W. Gibbes (in part), tom. cit. p. 202, pl. xxvii. fig. 164.

Type. Detached teeth.
A species of moderate site, the teeth comparatively robust and broad, the coronal margin often feebly crimped upon the basal extensions.
Form. Loc. Eocene: South Carolina and Alabama, U.S.A.

28103. About seventy-five teeth ; South Carolina. Purchased, 1852.
47006. Two teeth; South Carolina. Purchased, 1876.
P. 5747. Seven teeth; South Carolina. History unknown.
P. 1220. Six teeth; South Carolina. Egerton Coll.
P. 1220 a. Eleven teeth; Clarke’c Co., Alabama. Egerton Coll.
P. 2338. Twenty teeth; Clarke’s Co., Alabama. Enniskilln Coll.

The following specimen may also be referred to this subgenus:

Large tooth, measuring 0·02 across the base, having the lateral extensions of the crown faintly plicated; named Lamna eurybathrodon, C. C. Blake, The Geologist, vol. v. (1862), p. 316; Miocene, Aspinwall, Darien. Purchased, 1862.